Fractional CFO services for small businesses

Discover how having a seasoned financial partner can guide your business towards increased profitability, scalability, and expert decision-making – click below to get started.

About Fractional CFO services

Enhance your business with Fractional CFO expertise

Financial leadership for sustainable growth

Small businesses can benefit from hiring a fractional CFO as a way to access the expertise of a senior-level executive without the hiring and retention costs of an in-house CFO. Fractional CFOs handle risk management, budgeting, decision-making, forecasting, and financial planning tasks.

Having a strong, complete financial support system gives you maximum oversight into your financial status, while still having ample time to focus on day-to-day business operations.

Types of businesses we work with

Fractional CFO services geared towards small businesses

Discover your full financial potential

Dickerson CPA provides Fractional CFO services to small businesses across the United States in a variety of industries – we specialize in working with personal trainers, real estate agents and realtors, homeowner associations, non-profits, and more.

Book a consultation with Dickerson CPA today to get started with our Fractional CFO Services.


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Why choose Dickerson CPA

Top Fractional CFO services

Running a successful business in Texas demands more than just financial knowledge – it requires foresight that navigates your current finances while unlocking growth potential in the future. Dickerson CPA is more than your average accounting firm. We're your strategic partners in achieving long-term success.

When you bring us onboard as your fractional CFO, we begin with a consultation where we take the time to understand big picture information like your business, the industry you operate in, and the typical financial needs of businesses in said industry.

In addition to understanding the space we’ll be operating in, we ask specific questions to get to know your goals, as well as the areas of accounting and finance where you need support – our team is knowledgeable in acting as your fractional CFO in various ways, including:

  • Cash flow management: From tracking, recording, and reporting on your cash flow, to creating forecasts and predicting future cash flows, we’ve got you covered.
  • Forecasting: In addition to understanding past data, insight into the future is equally as important to managing your business’ performance and potential for growth.
  • Financial planning: We can help you create comprehensive financial plans that provide specific metrics, direction, and growth opportunities for your business.
  • Strategic focus: Dickerson CPA brings critical strategic focus and clarity to give you in-depth insights into your business’ short- and long-term future.
CPA for Texas businesses

Where we work

Dickerson CPA serves small businesses across the United States, but the bulk of our clients are concentrated in Texas cities, especially around Austin. Click below to learn more and explore the communities we serve.

CPA for Texas businesses

Where we work

We have small business clients across the nation, but we're always thrilled to serve our local Texas communities.  Here are just a few of the Austin-area locations we focus on serving.


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